cyc-fleet-2013.jpgWelcome to Candlewood Yacht Club and Flying Scot Fleet 24

Flying Scot 60th Anniversary

Flying Scot Fleet 24 celebrated 50 years at Candlewood Yacht Club in 2016, originally chartered in 1966. We’re proud of the Flying Scot heritage and our history with Candlewood Yacht Club. 2017 is the 60th Anniversary of the Flying Scot as Sandy Douglass’s first Flying Scot hit the water in 1957. Since then, over 6000 Flying Scots have been constructed. The Flying Scot is in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame.

Sandy was also the designer of the Thistle and Highlander. So, regardless how old or new your Flying Scot is, they are pretty much equal thanks to the one design rules which the FSSA follows. Harry Carpenter, President of Flying Scot, Inc. leads the factory team in Deep Creek, Maryland. They provide all kinds of services in support of the Flying Scot and the Flying Scot Sailing Association. For more information about the Flying Scot or for parts for your Flying Scot, go to 

Several of our Flying Scot fleet members have and currently serve as District Governors, Commodore, Secretary, Vice President and President of the Flying Scot Sailing Association just to name a few. In addition, some of our Fleet members travel throughout the US to race at other Flying Scot events, but also remain active in our Fleet. For more information about the Flying Scot Sailing Association, see

What? you already own a Flying Scot and not a member or you are in the process of purchasing one, please consider joining the FSSA. For a modest fee, the benefits are worth the mark-2013.jpgwhile! To join,

Our current Fleet Captain is Mark Riefenhauser, who owns Flying Scot 99 and 5516. Mark has been sailing and racing Flying Scots since the mid 70’s. He is available to help find a Flying Scot for you, setup, and may even crew occasionally for you! He cyc-racing-2013.jpgcan be reached at

Our Fleet is located in the Greater New York District. And its Governor is Mark Riefenhauser, a member of CYC

cyc-racing-2-2013.jpgCandlewood Yacht Club is a working club, meaning all of the races, events & etc. are done by volunteers. There is no paid staff at CYC. Our club has a pontoon boat for the race committee and a safety boat which follows the racers throughout the day. Our races are run by club members and assisted by others to set marks, start/finish lines, etc.

We race beginning in mid May and continue through the summer and into early October. Our primary sailing race area is on the widest part of Candlewood Lake, which provides ample room to run a variety of race courses dependent on the wind conditions. Candlewood Lake is a manmade lake and has no current to worry about or at least we think so!  The surrounding hills do come into play. In fact, you could be so far ahead and still not finish as well as you thought!

 After race day, we have informal discussions about the races, and several times through the season, we have a white board session.  The white board session is led by the “Hot Scot” of the day. The skipper will discuss their winning strategies/mistakes, etc.  It helps everyone in all of our fleets that race at CYC.

We also have “Tweak Your Scot” sessions several times throughout the season. These sessions are an opportunity to adjust your boat’s rigging, setup, etc. The idea behind this is to help everyone get better. Sometimes, when you think it’s right, in fact might not be. Most of the boats are rigged in a similar fashion, but the sails may be different. All of these things have weight on how well one sails. But the biggest obstacle is the mental game!

Our Fleet is fortunate to have a Flying Scot 733, which is setup for racing as its fleet boat. The fleet boat is available throughout the season by signing up at our club’s website.

For this year we have planned a Long Distance Race Day in June, Wednesday night races throughout the summer. These events are coupled with the regular Spring/Summer/Fall Race Series and the Fleet Championships in the fall are great opportunities to sail, learn and have fun. Our sailing season wraps up on October 7-8 when we host the Punzi Invitational. More details to follow!